United Colors of the Union Army

Soldier Group, circa Civil War
Source: Library of Congress

I wish there was more to tell about this diverse group of Union “men.” The picture, from a Library of Congress collection, is simply titled “Soldier group.” Details on the photo, such as its Library of Congress reporduction number, are here.

If any one can share any information or insights on the photo, I’d be much obliged.


3 thoughts on “United Colors of the Union Army

  1. Several of the “men” in this image are boys. This may be a group of drummers or musicians. I’d surmise that, whatever their status, they are actually enlisted, as their uniforms appear to be more complete and in much better shape than the hodge-podge of cast-offs worn in the well-known photo of Union teamsters at Bermuda Hundred. The setting for both images is very, very similar, and they may have been taken at the same time, though none of the individuals seem to me to appear in both images.

    /wild speculation

    • Andy, that guess is as good as any, and it might be a good one. That would explain the youth of several of those in the picture.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. I’m wondering if it isn’t a picture of Lt. Col. Charles Tyler (C.T.) Trowbridge, who commanded troops with the 33rd USCT (1st SC volunteers) along with Thomas Wentworth Higginson. He appears more clean-shaven, but the facial features are very similar.

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