Discovery of USCT (55th Massachusetts) Burial Site near Charleston, SC

This is a video about the discovery and excavation of a burial site for soldiers from the 55th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment. The site was found near Charleston, SC. The 55th Massachusetts was the sister regiment to the 54th Massachusetts that was portrayed in the movie “Glory.”

It’s fascinating to see the excavation process, although it might be a little grisly to some.

I encourage you to visit the Youtube page for the video and leave any comments you might have.


5 thoughts on “Discovery of USCT (55th Massachusetts) Burial Site near Charleston, SC

  1. Fantastic video. I cringed at first at the involvement of relic-hunters, but it really does seem as though, once the site was found to be a burial, the excavation was done properly by professionals, and the remains handled correctly. (Though more generally, human remains would not be shown publicly as in this video.) It’s almost a shame this happened 20 years ago — think how much more widely known and covered this would have been in the age of the Internet.

    Nice counterpoint to the H. L. Hunley project. That was a bit over-wrought but — hey, South Carolina. Too small for a republic. . . .

    • I am the discoverer of the nineteen soldiers from the 55th Massachusetts.
      I also made and posted the above video on youtube.
      I want it to be known that these soldiers were found during the grading for a new road in a new subdivision on Folly Beach, S.C. These soldiers remains would have been bulldozed and destroyed if not for my discovery.

      They were re-buried with full Military Honors in the Beaufort National Cemetery.

      The only remains that were excavated were the ones that were in imminent danger of being destroyed. I am sure that other burials are still at the site, and out of harms way.

      I hope you all have enjoyed this video, and to look into the faces of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their Country

      • Spectacular!!! Thank you from this civil war buff!!! Thank u for the respect love and care! Thank u for making sure they had full honors! Amen amen

  2. I am the discoverer of the soldiers remains, as well as the maker of the youtube video.

    As a relic hunter for the past forty years, it has been my honor to recover pieces of our Nations past that would otherwise have been destroyed, as these soldiers would have been. They were found in a newly graded roadway in a subdivision being developed. They were within hours of being destroyed when I found them. I immediately called the University of South Carolina Archaeology and Anthropology Dept., and worked with them during the excavation and post excavation work.

    This video has given many, who did not know of their sacrifices, the chance for those lost to tell their story, of how they lived, and died in defense of their people, and Country.

    Robert E. Bohrn

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