Do a Google Search on “confederacy confederate blog”… what do you get?

The Google search engine works, in part, by determining the most popular web sites for searches on certain words; and then using popularity to determine which search results will be listed first.

For example, if people doing a search on “dog” most often go the site “,” then Google will list that site first, and less popular sites thereafter.

(In addition to that, businesses pay Google to have their sites listed first when particular search terms are used; that’s one way that Google makes money.)

OK: do a Google search on “confederacy confederate blog.” Check out what leads the list… which is the most popular thing that people look at when they search the net using those words.

Who would have guessed it?


2 thoughts on “Do a Google Search on “confederacy confederate blog”… what do you get?

  1. Stop typing stuff into “teh Google” like that. You’ll make yourself crazy.

    The driving force behind the “black Confederate” meme has nothing to do with historical evidence. It comes from something much deeper, a need for its advocates to prove a larger point to themselves and to others. It is, frankly, a retooling of the “faithful slave” narrative that has been one of the cornerstones of the Lost Cause for well over a century. Those who want to believe this stuff will continue to believe it, regardless. As a commenter over at Coates’ place observed a while back, “you can’t reason a person out of a place they didn’t reason themselves into in the first place.”

    The important thing, in my view, is to keep pushing back steadily, chipping away at the “evidence,” bit by bit. The more you and others do this, the more there will be out there for people who are actually trying to decide for themselves to rely upon.

    • I agree 100% with what you’re saying. It’s just that, it’s almost depressing that this particular subject – which involves, at best, a trivial number of people – is getting so much interest on the internet. And of course, I’m feeding into it as well.

      But hopefully, I and folks like yourself can do a good job in showing how much more there is to tell about the war and its times.

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